Shelby GT500 Dual Pass Heat Exchanger With Fans


Shelby GT500 Dual Pass/Dual Puller Fan Air To Water Heat Exchangers remove maximum heat from the intake side air. Dropping inlet temps as much as 50 degs. Racers have told us that they are getting noticeable gains in all areas with the cooler air. A huge advantage in high rpm settings and at the track.

US Made by C&R for road racers, strip and street. Beautiful Aluminum finish, made to the highest tolerances with compact twin fans. Easy installation with instructions.

Finally solve the issues with your GT500 or Super snake overheating or having the timing back off during hard runs. Our performance fan air to water heat exchangers will typically drop your downstream temps by 30-50 degrees. This will allow you to maintain higher boost and stay in it longer.

While data logging and testing on track we discovered after supercharger temperatures also known as IAT2’s or downstream temperatures of 190 degrees plus.  During open street WOT pulls we logged temperatures climbing in excess of 150 degrees in just one pull.  Many tuners begin to retard spark and timing at 135-140 degrees.  At these temperatures there is significant power loss.

The Shelby Heat Exchanger employs a low speed NASCAR proprietary core and is dual pass with dual SPAL puller fans.  The fans are 709 CFM each for a total of 1,418 CFM combined heat extraction.  1,418 CFM is near the equivalent of 150 MPH of wind speed.  Testing and Data logging were again performed in on track scenarios over 25 minute sessions in Florida summer heat.  Over the course of these sessions the data revealed that the IAT2’s would spike at 140 degrees at WOT on the same Whipple 3.4 Supercharged Car even after 25 minutes of beat down.

Many current users of the Shelby Heat Exchanger are daily drivers and drag racers.  Every customer thus far has remarked about the tremendous amount of power available even after an hour or two drive.  Their comments are that the car feels like it did when they first started it in the morning and the raw power of a cool charge.  There is not better product available on the market today to reduce supercharging heat soak!  Imagine being able to harness all of the raw power your GT500 is capable of all of the time!

With Summer rapidly approaching and the high demand for this product, we fully expect this entire first run to be sold out in a matter of weeks, so it is highly recomended to Pre-Order right now.........!

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