Kenne Bell Black 2.8H Supercharger Tuner Kit - 2015 Mustang GT 5.0L



This kit includes the Black Kenne Bell 2.8H Twin Screw Supercharger, Mammoth Inlet Manifold, 168mm Throttle Body, 4.5" "Mammoth" Ram Air Intake, Heat Exchanger, 

Exclusive Features
• Highest HP potential.
• Largest displacement (2.8L).
• Hard black anodized bulletproof billet.
• Up to 100HP lower parasitic losses = more engine HP at same boost.
• Most powerful, efficient and technically advanced kits.
• Fits under stock hood .
• Mammoth™ 4.5”x4’ long “Ram Air Pipe” to maximize air flow and ram effect.
• 4.5” MAF meter built into Ram Air Pipe. No more restrictive, MAFs.
• Seal Pressure Equalizer reduces seal friction, wear and HP drag.
• Billet 2.8LTwin Screw vs. others 2.3L Roots style rotors and cast case.
• More low & mid range boost/HP than centrifugals with high RPM HP.
• Chassis dyno tested with the hood CLOSED - the way it’s driven - not OPEN
• billet fuel rails, 168mm Throttle Body and new Cool Air Kit included.
• Lower parasitic loss and cooler air charge at the same cfm and boost – than competitions 2.9 3x5 rotors.
• Mammoth™ rear induction manifold accepts stock 80mm - 168mm throttle bodies for maximum air flow.
• New more efficient 4x6 rotor profiles. Others use less efficient twin screw 3x5 lobe rotors.
• Eliminates power robbing jackshaft, gears, pulleys, and small restictive front inlet manifold.
• Cool Air Kit w/ filter behind front bumper (no underhood hot air filter to rob 30HP).
• Exposed top mount supercharger runs cooler. Not entombed in intake runners.
• Developed and tested on “one of a kind” high HP supercharger dyno, engine chassis dyno and flow bench

Standard Features
• 50 State Legal Pending.
• Whisper quiet. No gear growl or clatter.
• Oil dipstick. No sight glass to discolor or stain.
• 20+ years experience in Twin Screw supercharging.
• INSTANT BOOST. Optimum acceleration at any RPM.
• Integral Intercooler (no exposed pipes, hoses and fittings).
• Proven 6 rib belt system to 15 psi. Optional 8 rib for 8-24 psi.
• Bypass valve air is AFTER intercooler (cooler and denser air).
• Big efficient Kenne Bell “Dual Pass” intercooler and heat exchanger.
• The industry’s most complete and best illustrated Installation Instructions.
• Lower power consumption and cooler air charge temps.
• Easy to upgrade supercharger and throttle body for higher HP
• “Exposed” supercharger runs cooler. Not buried under manifolds, intercooler and covers.

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  • Model: TS1002-5028BTUN

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