Complete 1400HP Return Fuel System - 2013-2014 Shelby GT500



Fuel Pump Module
Our module offers the highest level of performance, reliability, and ease of installation on the market. Additionally, our solutions are the only products that offer OEM reliability under any heat condition and fuel type. Our vast experience in design, support, and manufacturing of in-tank fuel modules has culminated in the most refined, capable, reliable, and flexible module ever produced.

•Retains OEM level sender and crossover function
•O-ring pump seal eliminates in-tank fuel hose to completely eliminate failures in E85 and race gas applications
•Hermetic wire seal completely eliminates the possibility of fuel smells and leaks
•10 gauge power wires ensure maximum pump performance

F4i Fuel Pressure Regulator
•Hydrodynamic internal cavity suitable for pass through regulation
•Zero chatter design for maximum life expectancy and maintained accuracy
•Viton diaphragm for use in any fuel type
•Fine Pitch adjustment screw for precise setting of fuel pressure
•Four port design for maximum flexibility
•Four Pressure Ports
•Ceramic/Stainless valve
•Viton/Nomex Composite Diaphragm
•Fluoropolymer Coated Spring
•Lifetime warranty - Compatible with all fuel types

Billet GT500 Fuel Rails
The finest fuel rails ever produced for the GT500.  We start with a solid block of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and fully machine every feature to perfection on our five axis CNC.  Our rails incorporate engineered and integrated mounting tabs to completely eliminate tab flex common on fuel rails with lightweight mounting tabs.

•Same height profile as OEM rail.  Fits all known blower configurations.
•Integrated mounts for safe and reliable injector seating.
•Two 1/8 NPT ports for fitting fuel pressure gauge or fuel supply for nitrous.
•Select adapter for OEM rail pressure sensor or blockoff for return style fuel systems
•Driver side fuel rail
•Passenger side fuel rail
•Stainless steel mounting bolts
•FRPS adapter with Viton o-ring and stainless screws.

F-10 Inline Modular Fuel Filter
•Modular inline fuel filter, designed for use after the fuel pumps and before the injectors.
•2500hp capacity
•E85 compatible with Viton o-ring option
•Replacement elements readily available

FC2 Dual Pump Controller
The FC2 fuel pump controller, an easy to install alternative to traditional fuel pump wiring kits, eliminates the guesswork from aftermarket fuel pump wiring for return style fuel systems. All control components are housed in a hard anodized billet aluminum housing incorporating stainless steel hardware and terminals.

•Complete electrical solution for return fuel systems
•Direct connection with Fore Innovations fuel pump modules
•60 amp capacity, 99.3% efficient
•Replaceable fuses
•Heavy duty stainless terminals
•Includes 14 feet of 6 AWG power wire and 3 feet of 6 AWG ground wire
•Includes 60 amp inline fuse holder and fuse

•S197-C Fuel Pump Module
•Two 405lph Fuel Pumps with Pre-Filters
•FC2 Controller with HD Wiring
•F4i Fuel Pressure Regulator
•GT500 Billet Fuel Rails
•F10 Inline Fuel Filter
•Boost / Vacuum Manifold Kit
•0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge
•E85 compatible O-Rings

All fittings, hose, and hardware necessary to complete typical fuel line plumbing

-Aeroquip -8 Kevlar/Nomex Fuel Line (two 15' sections for feed, distribution, and return lines)
-Qty 4, low profile 90 degree -8 AN to -8 o-ring fittings
-Qty 5, -8 AN to -10 o-ring fittings
-Qty 3, -8 o-ring plug
-Qty 1, -8 AN to -8 o-ring fittings
-Qty 10, -8 hose straps with stainless mounting screws
-Qty 9, -8 hose ends, straight
-Qty 1, -8 hose end, 90 degrees
-Qty 1, 1/8 NPT plug
-6mL Loctite 567

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  • Model: 2013-GT500-RFS

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