5.8L 4V SVT Supercharged Engine


For car builders looking for real power, we offer the Supercharged 5.8L engine from the 2013-2014 Shelby GT500. The engine is the most powerful in Ford's Mustang production engine line-up and an excellent choice for a high-end street rod or Mustang "retro-mod" project. Its shipped fully dressed and includes engine accessories and supercharger. The lighter aluminum block is reinforced with structural webbing, a unique bulkhead chilled process and incredibly strong six-bolt billet main bearing caps for high-performance durability. Larger oil drainbacks and an integrated windage tray improve oil control in extreme driving conditions.

  • 662 hp @ 6500 RPM,
  • 600 lb-ft of torque @ 3750 RPM
  • 5.8L modular engine
  • Displacement 355 cu. in.
  • 3.674 bore x 4.165 in stroke
  • Low-pressure cast aluminum w/PTWA spray-bore iron linings
  • Forged steel crankshaft
  • Cracked forged steel I-beam connecting rods
  • Forged aluminum pistons
  • DOHC cams with roller finger followers
  • Aluminum cylinder heads, four valves per cylinder, Intake 37.0 mm, exhaust 32.0 mm
  • 9.0:1 compression ratio
  • 2.3L Eaton TVS supercharger with integral intercooler
  • Dual 60mm throttle body
  • Shipping weight 623lbs

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    • Model: 2013-2014-58-Engine

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