3.6LC Kenne Bell/Evolution Stage 3 Supercharger Kit - 1300HP

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Gain Up 600 Rear Wheel Horsepower and 550 Rear Wheel Torque with this Package!

Evolution Performance, Inc. has decided to take the Kenne Bell 3.6LC "Mammoth" Twin Screw Supercharger to the next level.

We are offering a Kenne Bell 3.6L Liquid Cooled  Shelby GT500 "Competition" Kit available **Exclusively** through Evolution Performance, Inc.

This kit includes the Kenne Bell 3.6LC Twin Screw Supercharger, Mammoth Inlet Manifold, Dual 75mm Billet Throttle Body, 130mm Big Oval Air Intake, Diablo Sport MAFia, Dual Boost-A-Pump, and a Custom Tuned SCT X3 Tuner loaded with a Street Tune and our Infamous "Kill" Race Tune for Track Duty. Each Tuner will have user adjustable parameters and offer tuning support for Headers, Cams, Gears, and Tire Sizes.

The supercharger comes in a Show Polished Billet Case with "Mammoth" Inlet Manifold and Evolution Performance, Inc. Badging.

• Easy to “step up” for racing or “dial down” for street with easy pulley change.
• Largest (Dual 75mm) Throttle Body / Manifold for most HP.
• Standard “Mammoth” Inlet Manifold accepts exclusive Kenne Bell Dual 75mm Throttle Body.
• A 4 minute 1/4” size pulley change is 20-36HP depending on kit.
• BIG BORE™ 3.6L (2.0 PR). +56HP over 1.4 PR Twin Screws. Rated 1300HP.
• Show Polished Billet Case and "Mammoth" Inlet Manifold with Evolution Performance, Inc. Badging.
• Exclusive Kenne Bell Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™, 80lb Injectors, and MAFia included with all kits.
• Quick easy install.

Kenne Bell 3.6L Liquid Cooled "Mammoth" Twin Screw Supercharger
If your craving more power from your Shelby GT500, Evolution Performance, Inc. has the answer. Get the industries latest, most efficient twin-screw supercharger. The Kenne Bell 3.6Lc "Mammoth"can produce incredible power levels with stock 5.4L Shelby GT500 engines as well as highly modified engines. The revolutionary 2.0 PR compressors have the ability to run nearly 32psi of boost for unheralded performance. A 4 minute pulley change will allow you to step up or down for street or race applications.

This direct bolt-on replacement system gives you the ability to run far higher boost levels than the factory 2.1L roots-type supercharger while dramatically lowering supercharger discharge temperatures and power consumption (hp).


• 3.6LC is the Largest displacement Billet Twin Screw vs. others 2.3L Roots, and 2.9L and 3.4L Twin Screw style rotors and cast case.

• Most powerful, efficient and technically advanced kits capable of running 30lbs of Boost

• Highest HP potential (up to 1500HP).

• Liquid Cooled (Patent Pending). Cooler air charge. 60° cooler oil, gears, case, rotors, bearings and seal temps. Higher Boost and RPM Potential

• Seal Pressure Equalizer (Patent Pending) Equalizes pressure and vacuum differental across rotor seals, plus it reduces seal friction, wear and HP drag.

• New more efficient 4x6 rotor profiles. Others use 3x5 lobe rotors.

• Show quality polished Bulletproof billet. No off color paint or coatings to crack, peel, chip, discolor or seal in heat.

• New design BIG BORE rotors (4.41” vs. competitions 4.11” and 4.17”).

• 6”x4” rotor lobes vs. 5”x3” competition. Reduces male rotor speed 10% (1.5 vs 1.66 ratio).

• Hard anodized rotors for corrosion and wear protection. No Teflon to flake or rub off and clog intercooler.

• Huge boost / HP gains with same pulley ratio.

• Less rpm with same boost. Reduces friction, heat and wear.

• Cooler denser air charge temps.

• Lower parasitic loss.

• Larger pulleys - less slippage - more HP..

• Up to 33% greater belt contact patch..

• CNC machined billet inlet and outlet.

• Developed and test proven on “one of a kind” high HP supercharger dyno, engine chassis dyno and flow bench.

• Chassis dyno tested with the hood CLOSED, the way it’s driven - not OPEN as with others.

• Oil dipstick. No sight glass to discolor or stain.

• The industry’s most complete and best illustrated Installation Instructions.

• 20+ years experience in Twin Screw supercharging.

• 50 State Legal Pending

Dual 75mm Billet Throttle Body
Any one undersized inlet component can starve the supercharger and engine for air (HP). Our testing clearly indicated that the stock 60mm throttle body and manifolds became a major restriction as low as 435HP (stock HP for a Shelby). We had no choice but to develop our own Dual 75mm Throttle Body to match the HP potential of the BIG BORE™ 2.8 Supercharger.

• Supplies whopping 66% more air to supercharger (1880 vs. 1128 stock 60mm).
• 48-68RWHP over restrictive stock 60mm
• Lowers discharge temp and parasitic loss.
• Matches opening of huge Dual 75mm Kenne Bell Inlet Manifold.
• Evolution Performance, Inc. Exclusive Drive By Wire” Calibration
• Manifold and Dual 75mm Throttle Body is fed air via the matching Kenne Bell Filter/Meter/Tube Kit.
• Polished billet aluminum.

Big Oval Air Induction System
Our flow bench and dyno testing indicated the Kenne Bell 3.6Lc was capable of inhaling a lot of air - up to 1000HP. So we designed a huge oval shaped inlet system with a Big Oval 130mm Meter and Filter that measures 130mm and flows 1830 cfm. It feeds our own Dual 75mm Throttle Body and matching Inlet Manifold through an equally oversize Inlet Tube. 

• Engineered as a matched pair (internally contoured to meter).
• 1830 cfm @ 28”. 1625 cfm meter only.
• Eliminates restrictive stock canister / filter / meter assembly (1830 cfm vs. 940 cfm stock)..
• Developed on 1000HP Flow Bench and Dynojet.
• Inlcudes air filter heat shield 

Diablo MAFia
The DiabloSport MAFia provides real world plug and play control of your vehicles "Mass Air Meter",(MAF). MAFia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage eliminating the need for prefabricated "Ugly" custom MAF Housings or Sensors.

Shelby GT500 Dual Boost-A-Pump
A time tested and proven innovation, the Dual BOOST-A-PUMP™, powers some of the world’s most powerful production street and competition vehicles. The 725HP Shelby Super Snake (”Most Powerful Production Car Ever”),

•1000HP with OEM in tank production pumps.
•Increases fuel pump flow up to 50%
•Easily installed. Uses stock feed wire & fuel lines.
•Eliminates expensive fuel lines and pump upgrades.
•Exclusive built in regulator stabilizes voltage regardless of battery voltage (down to 11V).
•Compensates for reduced voltage/pump delivery from voltage drops by lights and accessories.
•Proven reliability and concept. Tens of thousands sold since 1995.
•Does not affect pump life. Actually increases life of returnless pumps.
•Fused circuit protection.
•Easily installed.

NGK TR6 Spark Plugs (8)
Replace your stock plugs with these NGK TR-6 Plugs, their one step colder than stock. Must be used with Shelby GT500's running more than stock boost and must be gapped at .030"!

Evolution Performance, Inc. Custom Tuned SCT X3
Brand New Evolution Performance Dyno, Street and Track Proven Custom Tuned SCT X3 for the Evolution Performance, Inc. 3.6LC "Mammoth" Twin Screw Supercharger "Competition" Package.

The Tunes that come with this package are based off the one's used on our Shelby GT500 Race Car, which runs a 8.99 @ 156 MPH pass in the 1/4 Mile.

Pick from 91 Octane, 92 Octane, 93 Octane, 100 Octane Street Tunes, or our Infamous C16 "Kill" Race Tune.

All our tunes are developed on our in house Dyno by Jon Lund and have thousands of hours of research and development on the Shelby GT500! We (Evolution Performance, Inc.) had the first GT500 In The 11's, 10's, 9's, 8's, 7's and is the Fastest Shelby GT500 In The World! If you want the best, order from us!

This kit will produce at the minimum 16lbs of Boost and is highly recommended that the wimpy stock Heat Exchanger be upgraded to our High Capacity Dual Pass Heat Exchanger with Fans to insure the coolest intake charge. You can simply add it below.

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