2.8H Kenne Bell/Evolution Supercharger Only


Kenne Bell 2.8H Twin Screw Supercharger with Mammoth Inlet Manifold, 

The supercharger comes in a Evolution Performance, Inc. Themed Black Anodized Billet Case with Polished Inlet Manifold with Evolution Performance, Inc. Badging. The Two Tone look is ONLY available through Evolution Performance, Inc.

• Fits under stock hood*. *Notch on X brace required.
• Most flexible kit design. Easy to “step up” for racing or “dial down” for street with easy pulley change.
•• Standard “Mammoth” Dual 75mm Inlet Manifold accepts exclusive Kenne Bell Dual 75mm Throttle Body.
• A 4 minute 1/4” size pulley change is 20-36HP depending on kit.
• BIG BORE™ 2.8H (2.0 PR). +56HP over 1.4 PR Twin Screws. Rated 1000HP.
• **Exclusive** Black Anodized Billet Case with Polished Inlet Manifold with Evolution Performance, Inc. Badging.
• Quick easy install.

Kenne Bell 2.8H "Mammoth" Twin Screw Supercharger
If your craving more power from your Shelby GT500, Evolution Performance, Inc. has the answer. Get the industries latest, most efficient twin-screw supercharger. The Kenne Bell 2.8H "Mammoth"can produce incredible power levels with stock 5.4L Shelby GT500 engines as well as highly modified engines. The revolutionary 2.0 PR compressors have the ability to run nearly 25psi of boost for unheralded performance. A 4 minute pulley change will allow you to step up or down for street or race applications.

This direct bolt-on replacement system gives you the ability to run far higher boost levels than the factory 2.1L roots-type supercharger while dramatically lowering supercharger discharge temperatures and power consumption (hp).

• 2.8H is the Largest displacement Billet Twin Screw
• Highest HP potential.
• New design BIG BORE rotors (4.41” vs. competitions 4.11” and 4.17”).
• 6”x4” rotor lobes vs. 5”x3” competition. Reduces male rotor speed 10% (1.5 vs 1.66 ratio).
• Hard anodized rotors for corrosion and wear protection. No Teflon to flake or rub off and clog intercooler.
• Huge boost / HP gains with same pulley ratio.
• Less rpm with same boost. Reduces friction, heat and wear.
• Cooler denser air charge temps.
• Lower parasitic loss.
• Larger pulleys - less slippage - more HP..
• Up to 33% greater belt contact patch.
• Billet construction. Stronger than cast.
• CNC machined billet inlet and outlet.
• Sleek, lightweight, high rpm design. Fits under stock hoods.
• Oil cooling pods.

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