Kenne Bell GT500 Dual Boost-A-Pump (Supercharged)


• Doesn't heat up fuel like larger inline or intank pumps.
• No octane loss (gas will begin to boil at 95 degrees).
• Used with all Kenne Bell Supercharger Kits.
• Increases existing fuel pump capacity up to 50%.
• Easily installed. Uses stock wiring. No fuel line modifications.
• Adjustable from 1% to 50% - ON DEMAND from driver's seat.
• Variable Output Cockpit Controller mounts under dash.
• No batteries to run down, replace or let you down.
• Eliminates expensive and time consuming fuel tank removal.
• Works with any pump full or part-time.
• Activation vacuum or pressure switch included in kit.
• Compensates for reduced voltage (lower pump output) when lights or other accessories are on.
• Maintains consistent pump output regardless of battery
voltage (down to 10 volts).
• Optimizes Air/Fuel Ratio and horsepower by matching
the engine fuel requirements.
• Quiet operation. Not NOISY like in line pumps.
• Improves gas mileage if vehicle now running on high idle fuel
• Maintains stock fuel pressure at idle and part throttle.
• Controls WOT fuel pressure with return line shut off valves
• Maintains constant output voltage to pump within 1% from
10 to 12.5 battery voltage.
• Doesn't affect pump life.
• Ideal for any Nitrous System.
• Anodized red aluminum.
• Fused circuit protection.
• Works on any car, truck, or boat with 12V electric fuel pump.
• Compact size, lightweight (less than 2 lbs.).
• Guaranteed.

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  • Model: KB89064

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