Ace 10" PowerForce Triple Disc Clutch Kit and Flywheel


•10" Disc
•Triple Disc
•Torque Rating: 1700 ft Lbs (At The Crank) **Recommended For Anything w/ Over 800HP**
•Near OE Pedal For Driving Comfort
•164 Flywheel w/ 8-Bolt Pattern
•Centrifical Assist
•10" Spline
•10 x 1 5/32" - 26 (Disc Size/Spline)
•Easy Drivability at Low RPMs, Such As Pulling Onto Trailers, Driving Through Parking Lots, or Going Through A Drive-Thru.
•Holds Boost Spikes With Forced Induction Vehicles
•Race Proven Technology!
•This clutch requires the later model clutch slave from TSB 10-3-8
Made in the USA!
Ace Racing Clutches in Sullivan, Missouri are the last true American clutch manufacturer. These clutches are engineered, machined, built, and tested under the same roof at Ace to insure quality and performance.

Light-Weight Construction
Shelby High Performance Clutches are made from light-weight forged aluminum. The cover is forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and the flywheel is forged from 6065-T6 aluminum. Weighing as little as 35 pounds, compared to the 50+ pounds of a stock clutch, these clutches unlock potential horsepower that heavy, stamped steel clutches consume. This light weight construction also allows for faster revs, quicker acceleration, and easier rev matching on down shifts.

Sprung Hub Discs
Most performance clutches use a rigid center hub because they are limited on space with a stamped steel design. Ace High Performance Clutches were engineered with drivability and longevity in mind. They are designed with sprung hub disc centers to reduce gear rattle, allow smooth engagement, and increase the life of your transmission compared to rigid center hubs.

Proprietary Friction Material
Ace houses its own friction materials department too, where they develop specific blends to maximize drivability and torque holding capacity. No other clutch domestic clutch company makes their own friction materials. This allows Ace to fine tune the friction to each clutch line and its intended use. Ace tests their friction on their in-house dyno to ensure performance.

Patented Centrifugal-Assist Levers
Ace High Performance Clutches contain Ace’s patented Centrifugal-Assist lever technology. This technology was born from Ace’s 6.25” NHRA Pro Stock clutch. This technology allows each clutch to have more torque holding capacity without increasing the driver’s pedal effort. Ace has tuned this line of High Performance Shelby Clutches to have 15% more torque holding capacity at peak torque RPM. How it works is pure physics! Illustrated in the image below, as the engine RPM increases the levers are forced outward. The lever pivots and applies direct pressure to the pressure plate.

How POWERFORCE Technology Works!
These clutches use centrifugal force to increase plate load as the engine increases RPM. As the engine speeds up, the patented lever assist technology pushes down on the pressure plate increasing the torque capacity by 15% or more. As the engine spins, forces are exerted outward: the same way spinning in a circle causes a person's arms to rise from their side. The levers experience the same force and the outer edge of the lever pulls away from the clutch as the engine RPM increases.

This puts a more efficient and positive load on the pressure plate, unlike other systems that place weights on the diaphragms that will deflect. The patented lever assist technology, combined with Ace's superior friction materials makes it a logical choice for any Shelby or Mustang owner.

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  • Model: RA100201CA3-26KA

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