Evolution Performance


Dyno Rental:

- 1 hour - $125.00

- ½ Day (4 hours) - $400.00 one car

- 1 Full Day (8 hours) - $800.00 one car

- Optional Assistance - $100.00/hr (All tuning and Dyno operation done by Evolution Performance, Inc.)

Dyno Guidelines:

- Make sure your car is mechanically sound prior to putting it on the dyno.

- Put street tires (not slicks) on the drive wheels for dyno runs. (Recommended pressure is 36psi.)

- Check all fluid levels (oil, coolant, gas) before dyno runs.

- If you are tuning, have a plan. The clock starts running when the car straps down to the dyno.

Please bring your own tools if they are required for your work.

Our Mustang Dynamometer 1100-SE is designed to test RWD Drag Cars, Sport Compacts, Diesel Trucks, and Motorcycles - truly amazing for only one machine. With a capacity of 1,500 HP at the wheels, the 1100-SE is large enough to handle both Street and Drag Race Cars. The 1100-SE offers big 30” diameter rolls for superior traction so your wheels will not slip when boost kicks in, or when nitrous oxide is used.

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